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Stafford County is full of family centered daycare centers. Start your search here!

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There are 41 child care centers in Stafford. Use the directory to narrow your focus and save time.

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This is an Exciting time for you and your little one. Be informed and have confidence in your decision.

My Checklist and Important Terms to know is a parent resource guide for families searching for qualified child care and day care in Stafford Virginia. Stafford county has 41 state licensed day care centers of which only a handful have more than 20 children. has compiled a list of important things to consider when selecting child care for your son or daughter. Specifically knowing how the center operates during major semester breaks in the school year and how they service families before and after school.

My Classroom Checklist



  • Spring Break


    Spring Break in Stafford County is typically the second to last week of April between 4/21 - 4/25.


  • Military Discount

    Many centers near Stafford offer Military discounts. Be sure to ask your center for a discount for service families.


  • Christmas Break


    Not all centers stay open over Christmas and New Years, be sure to anticipate changes in your work schedule prior to confirming enrollment at a center with limited coverage over Christmas. Stafford County is normally off between 12/23 - 1/03.


  • Summer Break


    Summer Break in Stafford is typically the second week in June through Labor day. 6/13 - 9/03.


  • Before & After Care


    To accommodate working parents' schedules, there is a before and after school care programs available across Stafford elementary school students, including kindergartners and pre schools.


  • Schools Serviced


    Search our directory for schools with approved Before and After care shuttles.


  • Summer Camp Program


    Summer Break programs should cover between 6/13 and 9/03. rutrum.

  • Extended Care


    In Stafford extended care should cover traffic between 4pm - 7pm on week nights depending on work schedules. Normal commuting times between down town and Stafford are 45 - 75 minutes.


  • Sibling deduction


    Not all centers offer sibling deductions be sure to ask an admissions specialist.

  • Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

    CACFP provides nutritious meals and snacks to infants and children as a regular part of their day care.


    A variety of public or private nonprofit child care centers, Head Start programs, outside-school-hours care centers, and other institutions which are licensed or approved to provide day care services participate in CACFP. For-profit centers that serve lower income children may also be eligible.


    CACFP reimburses centers at free, reduced-price, or paid rates for eligible meals and snacks served to enrolled children, targeting benefits to those children most in need. includes a comprehensive comparison of child care topics. Life in the classroom can vary significantly by teacher and content. Day care centers have begun to incorporate early education to children as young as two. Review this list of programs that Stafford day cares are including in weekly curriculum. Pay careful attention to menus if your child has shown signs of being lactose intolerant, having glutten allergies, seasonal allergies or indoor allergies. has requested that each child care center provide current programming  and allow site visitors to  request center tours through

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Do not forget these questions!

  • Musical Instruments


    Children age 4 and up are ready to use musical instruments.


  • Bible Lessons


    The Bible is the quintessential tool for training children. Be sure to ask if your center incorporates Biblical teaching and lessons.


  • Technology


    At age 3 children are able to classify complex information and use technology.  Kindles, iPads and Computers should be used in small doses. Watch out for an overemphasis on technology which prevents healthy interaction.


  • Art


    Art is a must but ask questions about the skill of the teachers in this area. Some healthy habits in sketching or painting will last a lifetime.


  • Sports


    Physical activity for boys (and girls) is essential but especially for boys. Look for a center that has space for games and exercise.


  • Dance


    Dance is becoming more popular in NOVA  centers. Look for formal events where the Center showcases the kids through recitals and plays.


  • Organic Snacks


    Snacks don't have to be gold fish and crackers. Ask if your child will have healthy certified-organic snacks during the day.


  • Food Preparation


    Review the Food prep environment and ask to sample some of the meals.


  • Fresh Fruits


    Children function best with fresh healthy fruits and veggies. Ask to look inside the fridge when you visit.


  • Foreign Language

    Starting a foreign language before the age of 5 greatly increases multiple learning skills.

  • Math

    High quality centers will provide structured Math training. Ask if your center provides training in the following: Sort and classify, find similarities and differences, measure and estimate, and solve problems.


  • Verbal

    Look for centers that offer linguistic training that help the child choose words, make phrases, enunciate, speak and sing with attention to diction.


  • Spanish Speaking

     Some centers have bilingual staff. If your child needs this please see the directory.

  • Writing

    The lost art of writing is a powerful area of skill mastery. When speaking to an admissions counselor ask for examples of work.

  • Science

    Quality centers should introduce concepts of Space, Travel, Flight, Exploration and Mechanics. When speaking to an admissions counselor ask for examples of projects.

  • Virginia License


    Child day centers are child day programs offered to (i) two or more children under the age of 13 years in a facility that is not the residence of the provider or of any of the children in care or (ii) 13 or more children at any location. A child day program is a regularly operating service arrangement for children where, during the absence of a parent or guardian, a person or organization has agreed to assume responsibility for the supervision, protection and well-being of a child under the age of 13 years for less than a 24-hour period.


    Licensed programs must meet the standards promulgated by the State Board of Social Services. The Virginia Department of Social Services enforces these standards by inspecting centers at least twice a year and investigating complaints.


  • Financial Aid

    Virginia Offers assistance to families with child care needs. Please speak to your admissions counselor about qualifying.


  • Tuition Refund (Y/N)


    Ask each center if you will receive a refund if you are assigned to a new position and move during the year.


  • Parent Association

    Certain centers will have a parental steering committee. Please ask if your center offers this.